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Estate Sales Services

Residential or Commercial Property:

Within greater Rochester area
Within New York State
Outside New York State

Realtors with knowledge of the market in the specific location are secured to list and sell property.

KPVE will provide periodic status reports on the sale process through its conclusion and advise the you accordingly.
Not sure of the best option to dispose of or liquidate personal posessions?
KPVE will utilize a variety of expert resources who will perform any or all of the following:
Conduct an entire estate and household sale
Buy directly your household belongings in lieu of an estate sale
Provide certified estimates on current fair market value of any specialty items
Coordinate auctions or directly purchase items of value

Unsure of value of your vehicle(s)?
Prefer a quick disposition?

KPVE will assist in determining the value working with dealers.

Both “Blue Book” and auction data will be researched to develop a fair pricing proposal.

Once approved by you, liquidation will be completed within several days.


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