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Property Appraisal & Inspection Services
Property Appraisal & Inspection Services

Uncertainty with the real market value of your property?

Does the property conform with standards required by lending institutions?

KPV Enterprises enlists certified experts in the field of property appraisal to provide an estimate of fair market value for your property sale. If required, authorized building inspectors are brought in to evaluate potential structural problems which may prove detrimental to closing the sale or unnecessarily reduce potential value.

We can also arrange for appraisal of personal belongings, from furniture, tools, antiques, jewelry, etc. This will give you the data you need to assess your complete worth and make more informed decisions.
Summary of Services:
Complete appraisal of your property by certified experts

Understanding and conformance to the prospective buyer's lending institution requirements

Expert building / home inspection and full report if required by the buyer or buyer's lending institution
Appraisals of variety of personal property. Also see Household Sales / Auctions
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